Come to the Oceanarium in Lviv!

“OCEANARIUM LVIV” has prepared a quiz that will give everyone the opportunity to get a discount!
This interesting game will test how well you are familiar with the underwater world, the peculiarities of its inhabitants and the history of the oceans.

The rules are very simple:

  1. In the lobby of the aquarium, go to the Crab, do not be afraid, he will not pinch
  2. Click the “Get Questions” button on the screen
  3. The question will be displayed on the screen and will be immediately printed on the ticket (above is the code)
  4. Then leave the crab, look at the three floors of the exhibition and enter the ticket code on the screen in the gift shop
  5. Get three answer options on the screen and choose the correct one
  6. Win a discount check!

Good luck!